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Interior Design for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

What we can do for you…

  • Reflect the quality of your product.  We all eat with our eyes, good design aligns your venues look and function with those killer cocktails you are serving.
  • Increased length of stay and customer spend.  Enjoy a space that engages your patrons ensures they come back with friends.
  • Improved back of house efficiency.  Overcome back of house anarchy by valuing and designing for your staff as well as your customers.

Food and Beverage Design Services

How we do it…

  • Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Design
  • Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Fitouts
  • Architectural and Landscaping Design
  • Market Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Venue Improvement Plans
  • FF&E Packages
  • Spatial Planning
  • Look and Feel Montages
  • Graphic Design
  • Artists Impressions and 3D Renders
  • Inventory Scheduling
  • Construction and Renovation Budgets
  • FF&E Procurement Budgets
  • FF&E Procurement
  • Third Party Approvals
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Logistics and Installation

The Journey Matters

Food and Beverage Design Process

Spacecraft Design Step 1 Food and Beverage Fit Out


Define the Concept

Every project is viewed through our fresh eyes. No matter how big or small, we explore your Venue’s potential in order to define the appropriate level of time, resources and focus that will be rewarded by your patrons.

The Process

We work to deeply understand your Venue. What is your story? What is it that gets you and your patrons excited? What is the reason people want to eat or drink at your venue?

We help you define your Venue’s needs both in terms of the concept you are trying to market and the operations you need to support.

We define the nuts and bolts. What is your budget? What is your timeline? What are the project’s opportunities and limitations?

We send you a Return Brief and Design Proposal. This confirms that we have understood your needs correctly, defines the scope of work and proposes the fees for the project.

Spacecraft Design Step 2 Food and Beverage Fit Out


Design the Space

We connect the dots to create beautiful, memorable designs based on your Venue’s personality, giving your Venue an identity that appeals and relates to your audience. Feeling excited already?

The Process

We present you with the overall ‘look and feel’ of your Venue using imagery and other references.

We present you with preliminary floor plans and elevations to explain the concept and give you a solid idea about how your new Restaurant, Bar or Cafe space will look. This may include 3D visualisations if you want to take it to the next level.

We prepare technical drawings and documentation for you to get any Third Party Approvals, Construction or Fit-Out Quotations.

We prepare preliminary budgets and inventory schedules.

Spacecraft Design Step 3 Food and Beverage Fit Out


Develop the Dream

Our Construction, Fit-Out and Procurement partners will provide you with a project quote and fit out program. We can manage the project from beginning to end and get the job done while you run your Restaurant and Bar!

The Process

We work with your Building Manager or Landlord that may require an approval process.

We liaise with the selected Construction or Fit-Out Company to ensure quality control and ensure built product is as specified.

We can organise Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Procurement (FF&E).

We represent you during construction and make informed decisions based on your requirements.

Our Clients

People we’ve rolled up our sleeves for

Testimonial of Lawrence Heasman

“Just a wee note to say how utterly gobsmacking fantastic your restaurant design in Wagga is. It’s sublime. Sitting with Jamie and Danielle over dinner and their enthusiasm and satisfaction for what you have delivered to them is palpable.”

Lawrence Heasman, Regional Manager


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